Our goal is to create your most memorable Iceland experience

Nature. Icelandic nature is in Reykjavik's backyard. The capital of Iceland is surrounded by the great outdoors and you don't need to go far to experience great hiking trails and beautiful vistas. SagaVista specializes in private hiking trips to summits off the beaten path and yet close to Reykjavik - most within 50km of the city centre. Our curation of summit trails is catered towards a wide audience of travelers and being an experienced hiker is not a prerequisite. Adequate fitness and a desire for adventure is all that is needed.

Stories. The stories we share along the way are an equally important part of the experience. It may sound cliche but Iceland's history can be boiled down to two things: vikings and volcanoes. All of our guides are certified viking and volcano fanatics and we'll share some great stories along the way.

Memories. Our drone and video editing capabilities are professional all the way. We'll send you a link to your cinematic drone video - the most dramatic and vivid memory of your Iceland trip.

Value. We really care about creating one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to Iceland at a great value. The close proximity of our curation of trails requires less "transportation time" with no sacrifice to the uniqueness and true experience of Icelandic nature. Offering the quality and exclusivity of an exclusive hike at a great price is one of our main goals.

Flexible. All of our hiking tours take from 3-5 hours including transportation from Reykjavik. Whether you have a late afternoon business meeting or plans for happy hour - our trips will fit your schedule.

SagaVista offers:

  • Affordable yet exclusive hiking tours with a maximum of 4 guests per guide
  • Half-day tours with durations of 3-5 hours designed to fit your schedule
  • Non-technical routes suitable for hikers of all ages
  • Captivating stories from Icelandic history
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Tours off the beaten path and away from the crowds
  • Share your memories with a cinematic drone video